Letter from the Executive Director

Ten years ago, a group of friends and I began working on what is today the Open Media Foundation. It all started with the realization that our perspective is shaped through communication. We recognized that large media corporations served as gatekeepers for mass communications, the shapers of our collective perspective. We saw the perspective of the media invariably slanting towards the audiences advertisers want to reach, and towards messages advertisers want to support and we set out to shift that conversation in Denver.

More people receive more information through TV than any other medium. In the past few years, the Internet has overtaken Radio and Print as the #2 source of information for the average American. This is why OMF focuses on TV and the Internet. OMF is a social-change organization first, but we’re using the most powerful tools available to bring about social change. We’re a very different kind of media organization because we are focused on transforming—in many ways eliminating—the traditional role media institutions play in social communication.

OMF believes that we’re all better off when everyone is engaged: when everyone has an opportunity to contribute to their full potential, and that can only happen through a shift in the way we communicate. Fortunately for us, changes in the media are making it possible to turn the models for mass communication on their head, and there is an opportunity to shift the collective perspective to reflect not only the most privileged communities, but the entirety of our population. That kind of a perspective shift leads to policies and laws that benefit the entirety of our population, not just the wealthy.

The goal we set out to accomplish is as daunting as it was ten years ago. The income gap is still expanding. Our collective perspective is still dominated by consumerism and corporate values and public policy is following-suit. In the past few years, OMF has expanded our focus beyond media engagement to civic engagement and government transparency. We’ve built software to make it easier for people to see the work of their government, and this year, more people than ever logged-in through our coloradochannel.net website to see their government than ever before. Change is happening, and today I am as certain of this fact as I was ten years ago: if we are going to make a difference, this is how we’re going to make it. We shift the collective perspective to represent the concerns of all Americans, and position the people to shift public policy to reflect their concerns.

Mission Statement

What we do

The Open Media Foundation (OMF) is an innovative media and technology nonprofit organization dedicated to putting the power of the media in the hands of the people, enabling everyone to engage in their community and bring about the change they wish to see in the world.

How we do it

To accomplish our mission, we begin with providing affordable, high-end web and video production services. We follow up by offering training and tools that enable everyone to represent their own voice in the media conversation.


In 2001, Tony Shawcross, Founder and ED of the Open Media Foundation, co-founded a non-commercial website called [denverevolution] in order to promote independent arts and non-commercial community events overlooked by local media. In 2003, members of the [denverevolution] collective began producing videos for nonprofits as the [denverevolution] production group or “Deproduction”, borrowing resources from friends at KBDI (PBS 12), Free Speech TV (FSTV), and Denver Community Television (DCTV). In 2004 we significantly expanded our media and technology training services, formed the board of directors, and received 501(c)(3) nonprofit. With the closure of Denver Community Television in 2005, OMF submitted a proposal to re-launch Public Access TV in Denver under an entirely new model, leveraging emerging web 2.0 technologies and business models in a community media station that is truly powered by the community. The result, [Denver Open Media (DOM) launched in 2006, as an independent brand that could be owned by the community. In 2008, Deproduction merged with Civic Pixel, the local web development firm who had built the DOM website and user-management software, and in 2009, the parent organization merged all efforts into the Open Media Foundation. Denver Open Media remains an independent, community-run project of OMF.

2012 Population Served


2012 Video Production Clients

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Denver Open Media's Organizational Members

Individual Donors

  • Allen Feld
  • Amelia Striegel
  • Amy Quimby
  • Andrew Unthank
  • Angelia McGowan
  • Ann Theis
  • Anne Bellingrath
  • Bart Wallingford Lantz
  • Benjamin Arguello
  • Bill Freud
  • Bryan Schultz
  • Caitlin Fry
  • Candace Grosz
  • Cara Newlon
  • Carey Ray
  • Carrie Knolten
  • Casey Miller
  • Charles Smith
  • Chris Haugen
  • Chris Renda
  • Chris Silberman
  • Christian Deconna
  • Christina Miller
  • Claudia Czajkowski
  • Cynthia Jackson
  • Daniel Cheek
  • Daniell Krawczyk
  • Darryn Zuehlke
  • Dave & Tica Ashton
  • David Kaiser
  • Dean Tebbe
  • Deanna Sands
  • Deb Lastowka
  • Denis Moynihan
  • Don Knox
  • Dusty Starr
  • Ellen Balaguen
  • Emily Kinsella
  • Emily Przekwas
  • Erik Myers
  • Erin McCarley
  • Erin Viera
  • Felipe Simon
  • Glenna Norvelle
  • Guardado Francisco
  • Hayden Hirschfeld
  • Heather Deardoff
  • Heather Holden
  • Heather Schreck
  • Helen Gray
  • Henry Ansbacher
  • Henry Siegel
  • Howard & Sally Shawcross
  • Ian Sutherland
  • James Laurie
  • Janice Minton
  • Jared Petsche
  • Jason Komora
  • Jason McKain
  • Jason Mumm
  • Jeff Koskimaki
  • Jeff Villano
  • Jennifer Borcan
  • Jennifer Pederson
  • Jeremiah Zentz
  • Jerry & Meg Borison
  • Jessica Whitten
  • Jodyn Charmatz
  • John & Jean Leritz
  • John Reid
  • John Schwartz
  • John Thatcher Montgomery
  • Jose Lopez
  • Juliet Golden
  • Karen Kazemi
  • Kathleen Johnson
  • Kathryn Ake
  • Keith Bridges
  • Lambert & Lisa Bunker
  • Laura Levi
  • Lauren Schaefer
  • Lawrance Haskell
  • Lewis Lubin
  • Liz Sprull
  • Lori Wolfson
  • Lynn Fritz
  • Margaret Bacon
  • Maria Kohler
  • Marietta Hankerson
  • Mark Bailey
  • Marla Rodriguez
  • Mary Kaye Shawcross
  • Maureen Ediger
  • Melissa Lewis
  • Melvin Johnson
  • Michael Lipfield
  • Nancy Ulrich
  • Nibaldo Urzua
  • Orion Salgado
  • Pamela Burkhart
  • Patricia Calhoun
  • Paul Cardenas
  • Peter & Desiree Fenichell
  • Raniesha Coleman
  • Rebecca Askew
  • Robert McLain
  • Ron Claman
  • Ron Otsuka
  • Sam Fuqua
  • Sara Lynn Foster
  • Sarah Shirazi
  • Sarah Smith
  • Scott Fast
  • Scott Sala
  • Seth Pensack-Rinehart
  • Sharee Hiatt
  • Sheila Schroeder
  • Silvio Joaquin Tenscher
  • Simran Nanda
  • Stephen Von Merz
  • Steve Toth
  • Tanya Russell
  • Tanya Ishikawa
  • Teresa McLain
  • Tina Phibbs
  • Tobias Derloshon
  • Tony Shawcross
  • Tracey Archer
  • Victoria Shearer
  • Virginia Trierweiler
  • Walker Abel
  • Wendy Aiello
  • Whitney Ince
  • William Stanford
  • William Thielke
  • Yasmine & Charles Marino

2012 Corporate, Foundation, and In-Kind Donors

  • Anschutz Family Foundation
  • Beatrice & Woodsley
  • Breathe Yoga
  • Brett Family Foundation
  • Buntport Theater Company
  • Canvas & Cocktails
  • Church of Cupcakes
  • City & County of Denver: Denver Media Services
  • City 'O City
  • Colorado Athletic Club
  • Colorado Ballet
  • Corepower Yoga
  • Curiosities
  • Denver Art Museum
  • Denver Center for Performing Arts
  • Denver Film Society
  • Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls & Toys
  • Denver Open Media
  • Denver School of Photography
  • Denver Zoo
  • D'Vine Wine
  • Eyedea Worx
  • Fancy Tiger Crafts
  • Google
  • Gothic Theatre
  • Icelantic
  • John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
  • JAX Fish House
  • KGNU
  • Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art
  • Lake Steam Baths
  • League of Women Voters
  • Lizzie Longenecker
  • Make My Notebook
  • Mayan Landmark Theatres
  • Mondo Vino
  • National Conference for Media Reform
  • Oogave
  • Pandora on the Hill
  • Peppercorn
  • Phamaly Theatre Company
  • Pink Fog
  • Ravi Zupa
  • Rio Grande
  • Sensen Skin Care
  • Sexy Pizza
  • Snooze
  • SOL Store of Lingerie
  • Steuban's
  • Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey
  • The Avenue Theatre
  • The Little Flower Market
  • The Ogden Theatre
  • The Tattered Cover
  • Unity Boutique
  • WaterCourse
  • YAY Thing!

2012 Volunteers and Committee Members

2012 Committee Members

  • Jennifer Collins
  • Ann Theis
  • Adam Mordecai
  • John Montgomery
  • Flor Blake
  • Tanya Ishikawa
  • Brian Hiatt
  • Sharee Hiatt
  • Jared Petsche
  • Erin Yepis
  • Tony Shawcross
  • Cheryl Zeeb
  • Rita Carrington
  • Henry Siegel
  • Lindita Winter-Torres
  • Vicki Stott
  • Lynda Cox
  • Kara Sargent
  • Ron Otsuka
  • Jeff Villano
  • Lynne Sprague
  • James Smith
  • Angelia McGowan

2012 Interns

  • Samuel Opp
  • Jonah Luhan
  • George Kotelnikov
  • John Aden
  • Mark Brancucci
  • Ed Chasteen
  • Scott Carney
  • Kimberly Ford
  • Monique Gallardo
  • Michael Hancock
  • Maria Kohler
  • Simon Matthews
  • Amber Nelson
  • Josh Nelson
  • Ryan Pembrook
  • John Stephens
  • Anne Bellingrath
  • Victoria Shearer
  • Sherman White
  • Jon Allen
  • Carmela Warner
  • Donald Rose
  • Derek Brown
  • Oshoveli Potepa
  • Holly Miller
  • Hannah Miller
  • Megan Golliday
  • Joshua Dillard
  • Joseph A. Sacco, Jr.
  • Alyssa Cooper
  • Jeff York
  • Sam Lipfield
  • Adam Monroe
  • Lance Lee
  • Kai Custodio
  • Jeremy McKinnon
  • Greg Stanwood
  • Celia Herrera
  • Michael Benson
  • Bill Freud
  • Charles Smith
  • John Montgomery
  • Chris Trujillo
  • Grant Hammel

2012 Program Highlights and Accomplishments


Video Production

Web Development

  • The web team launched a significant collaborative project--with partners such as the U.S. Forest Services and Colorado Parks and Wildlife--that consolidates the efforts of state agencies all over Colorado to encourage families to experience nature - www.getoutdoorscolorado.org
  • The custom workflow designed for legislative web-streaming on www.coloradochannel.net has been improved by the web team to include video archiving and interactive agendas. These features are now available to be replicated for other legislative entities at an affordable, annual rate known as the OMP for Government.
  • OMF volunteered for and participated in the 2012 DrupalCon held in Denver, a biannual conference that educates users about trends and best practices regarding Drupal. Drupal is an open-source content management system that the OMF web department uses to build custom-designed and affordable websites for nonprofits, governments and public sector organizations.


  • Over 25 different workshops and seminars on multimedia technology and tools were offered, including Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, and 3D animation software.
  • Open Media Generation Camp, youth summer camp, met over the summer and produced their own music video.
  • Educational tours and workshops engaged students and facility from Denver area schools in the workings of a live television studio.


  • Open Media Generation receives Grant from Anschutz Foundation After successful research and community building work done with the aid of grant from the Knight and Denver Foundations, DOM Inclusiveness findings revealed that Latinos and persons without Post-secondary education are under-represented at DOM.
  • Hired Full-time Community Network Administrator to help keep DOM's Networks, Servers, Computers Labs and Website running smoothly. 4 Professional HD cameras now available for Equipment check out to members.